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Friday May 26, 2017  
Rule Proposals presented below will be voted on in November, 2017 for 2018 implementation

Proposal for 2018: Stock Contractors, Pg. 9, Rule #2 - Steer Wrestling cattle minimum will be one-half plus one with 16 contestants or more.  Rodeos with 15 contestants or less minimum will be one for each contestant plus one extra.  (Rodney Brooks)


Rule Proposals presented in 2016 for 2017 implementation

Note:  Rule Proposals will be voted on by the Board of Directors at the 2016 November board meeting.  Proposals passed will go into effect in January, 2017.  Rule Books will be available at the Membership Rodeo to be held in Austin in January.  Proposals are presented by various board members unless noted.


Rodeo Entry:  Breakaway fees $100 at all CPRA Rodeos (PASSED)

Rodeo Entry:  Steer Wrestling fees $100 at all CPRA Rodeos (Kody Dollery) (PASSED)

Rodeo Entry:  (Late entries) If a rodeo is accepting late entries in any events, all events are to be left open that are not considered full.

Membership Dues #4:  Non-competing cards will be $50.  (PASSED)

Co-approved Rodeo Rule #2: At all CPRA 1st sanctioned rodeos all personnel must have a current CPRA membership with the exception of announcer and contract acts. (PASSED)

Timed Events SW#13 TD#18, GBR#4, TR#19:  Delete current wording (After 45 seconds the animal will be released and contestant receives a no time).  Change to: After 45 seconds the contestants will receive a fine of $25.00 (PASSED)

General Regulations G: (changes noted in red)  Turn out fines for all CPRA rodeos or first approved CPRA rodeos are $25.00 plus entry

fees for members and non-members. A contestant notifyingthe CPRA office of his/her intent to turn out may pay entry fees in office, thereby

avoiding a turn out fine.  All fees paid in office will be included in the rodeo payoff.  Fees must be paid during office hours and no later than

12:00 noon central time on the Friday prior to said rodeo.  CPRA will accept Discover, Visa or Master with no service charge incurred.  For each turnout fine collected beginning January 7, 2016, stock contractors will receive $15.00 for each event with the exception of team roping. Team roping turn outs wil be based on $10.00 for header and $10.00 for heeler. (PASSED)

Judges #26:  (change noted in red) Certified judges are to receive $150 for each performance, $200 for performances with slack immediately following.  Stand alone slack will be considered a performance. DELETED

Rule Updates

The below rule updates are provided for quick review of the most recent amendments or revisions.

For better understanding of a rule in it's entirety please return to the menu bar and click on

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 Note:  Amendments or revisions updates shown in red

February 8, 2017


10. All Finals personnel that are eligible to work the Finals rodeo will be placed on a ballot for voting by the Top 20 contestants in each event.  Exceptions

will be those personnel in which a membership is not mandatory.  All Finals personnel must have worked a minimum of three (3) CPRA 1st sanctioned rodeos to be eligible to work Finals. 

Timekeepers for the finals will be selected as follows:  Official and backup timer must be certified.  Certification will be obtained by attending one timers

seminar and timed three (3) 1st sanctioned CPRA rodeos in the current rodeo season.

Secretary for the Finals must be certified.  Certification will be obtained by attending one secretary seminar and working three (3) 1st sanctioned rodeos

in the current rodeo season.  The Board of Directors will select and hire the Finals Secretary from the certified list.  An award will be given for Secretary

of the Year voted on by the Top 20 contestants.  There will be two pickup men.  The Top 20 contestants in bareback and saddle bronc events will vote.



If contetant receives a bad gate or an animal escapes the chute the contestant has the option of running the original draw or the extra.  The original will not be brought back during a perf unless the arena has a return alley, but may be brought back after the perf as long as time and arena conditions permit. 

If contestant chooses to participate on the extra, the original drawn animal will go back to the draw herd to replace the extra.