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Thursday July 28, 2016  
Rule Updates

The below rule updates are provided for quick review of the most recent amendments or revisions.

For better understanding of a rule in it's entirety please return to the menu bar and click on

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November 12, 2014

Pg. 16, Rule 19 (Revised)

Secretaries will be allowed to withhold $1.00 for each check mailed.  Secretaries are to deduct $5.00 from the rodeo recap for mailing rodeo packets to the CPRA office.

Pg. 2 Elected Directors (Added)

c.  Only finals contractors at the CPRA finals are eligible to vote for stock contractor director.

Pg. 31, Rule 12 (Revised)

Barrel Racer must cross the timer line with hat on head or will receive a fine of $25.00.


January 7, 2015

Pg. 13, Rule 11 (Revised)

Finals rough stock selections (see rule book for complete details)

Pg. 31, Rule 15 (Revised)

Barrel Racing - If the pattern is not centered to the gate, contestant shall be allowed to set up her run as necessary, without circling.  If a

circle is made there will be a $100 fine.  A spin or pivot is acceptable and a pony horse may be used.

Pg. 3, Rule 4 (Added)

Gold Card Membership - (see rule book for complete details)

Pg. 4, Rule g (Revised)

Turn out fines for all CPRA rodeos or first approved CPRA rodeos are $45.00 plus entry fees for members and non-members

For each turn out fine collected beginning Januay 7, 2015, stock contractors will receive $20.00 for each event with the exception of

rough stock and team roping.  Rough stock turn outs will be based on $15.00 and team roping turnouts based on $10.00 for header, $10.00 for heeler. 


February 4, 2015

Pg. 6, Rodeo Entry (Revised)

Breakaway Fees - $80.00.  Subject to increase to $100 with $1,000 or more added at stock contractors discretion.

Pg. 9, Rule 3 (Revised)

Stock contractor & Rodeo Secretary - Secretary is to withhold membership fee from contractors stock pay for personnel working without

current membership. (see rule book for complete details)

Pg. 10, Rule 16 (Revised)

Stock Contractor Finals pay (see rule book for details)

Pg. 3, Rule 4 (Added)

Directors Gold Cards - see rule book


March 4, 2015

Pg. 3, Rule 3 (Added)

Rookie Eligibility & Requirements (see rule book for complete details)

Pg. 21, Rule 1 (Revised)

Barriers - A 10 second penalty will be added for breaking or beating the barrier. The penalty will be added at the discretion or call of judge.


September 2, 2015

Pg. 22, Rule 5 (Added)

Timed Events: No scoring will be allowed on any timed event cattle during performances or slack.  Contestant will be fined $25.00 per occurrence for rule infraction. 


January, 2016

Pg. 6 Rodeo Entry (Change in Monday hours books are open)

RS books open on Mondays from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.  TE books open on Mondays from 6:00PM to 9:00PM