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Friday January 19, 2018  


Rule Updates

The following is effective as of November 8, 2017:

Contract Personnel, pg. 15 #1

All essential working personnel will not be allowed to compete at a rodeo they are hired to work, ie Judges, Secretary, Timekeepers.

(Delete existing rule in Judges & Judging Methods Pg 18, #12)


Contract Personnel, pg.15, #4

Secretaries and Timers must dress in appropriate attire at all CPRA Rodeos

No shorts, no tank tops, no tops showing excessive cleavage.  Be professional in manner and attire


Finals Rules, pg. 15, #16

In order to be eligible to work the Finals a non-competing member must have worked five (5) straight approved or five (5) first approved sanctioned CPRA rodeos.  These rodeos will count only beginning the date membership is purchased.


Finals - Barrel Racing, pg. 15, #17

Three go-rounds

1st Go:  1st place to 15th place

2nd Go: 15th thru 1st (reverse order of 1st go)

3rd Go:  Random draw


Timers, pg. 18, #8

There will be NO CELL PHONES used by timers at any time during rodeo performances or slack.


Stock Contractors, Pg. 9, #2

Steer Wrestling cattle will be one-third plus one with 30 entries or less with minimum of 10 or the most entered in a performance; one-half plus one with more than 30 entries. 

Rule Updates

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The following is effective as of June 12, 2017:

Stock Contractors, pg. 10 #2

Team Roping cattle minimum will be one-third enough unless there are more than fifty (50) team entered.  If more than 50 entered there must be one-half enough plus one. 



The following is effective as of June 8, 2017:


General Regulations, Pg. 6 - Y

In timed event hot shots or electric devices ae not to be used for competition purposes.  A hot shot or electric device is only used by the stock contractor and their personnel to move stock from pen to pen.  Hot shot or electric devices are not to be in possession of any contestant during a performance or slack. 

February 8, 2017


Steer Wrestling Rules, pg. 30 #22

If contestants steer stumbles and/or trips before the score line, the contestant will, at judges discretion, receive a clean rerun only if the contestant declares him self.